An order must be at least $250 in value to qualify for delivery. If your order meets this requirement, delivery starts at an additional $90 and may increase depending on distance from our warehouse or difficulty of delivery.

The starting rate of $90 includes basic round-trip delivery to and pick-up from a loading dock, garage, or carport. If the delivery includes traversing steps, an elevator, or a reasonable walk from where we can park our delivery vehicle, there is an additional fee. Rates increase as distance from our warehouse increases.

Delivery fees include a four-hour window of time in which to deliver and pick up during normal business hours. If we must arrive at a specific time, a $150 surcharge will be added to the delivery fee. If we must arrive within a one-hour window of time, a $100 surcharge will be added to the delivery fee, and for a two-hour window of time, a $50 surcharge is added. Additionally, an extended-day surcharge of $100 will be applied for orders that require our crew to come in earlier than or stay later than normal business hours. For same-day deliveries (the order is placed on the day of the requested delivery), the delivery price will be doubled. Please note that it is not mandatory for the customer to be present for delivery as long as our crew has access to a secure area that is protected from possible inclement weather.

Sunday and late-night deliveries/pick-ups are also available at an additional charge. Sunday pick-ups are $250 or 10% of the rental total before taxes and fees, whichever is greater. Night pick-ups prior to 11 p.m. are also $250 or 10% of the rental total, whichever is greater. Pick-ups taking place after 11 p.m. will be charged $350 or 10% of the rental total, whichever is greater. After-hours and Sunday pick-up fees are in addition to the standard delivery fee.

Items that require assembly such as tents, stages, dance floors, lounge furniture, and market umbrellas include set-up and tear-down in the rental fee. Set-up of tables and chairs is available for an additional fee of $4.00 per table, $1.00 per plastic folding chair, and $2.00 per wood folding or chiavari chair. Tear-down is available at the same rates as set-up. These arrangements must be made prior to delivery on a case-by-case basis if time and labor permits. A site plan must be provided if you wish for us to set up tables, chairs, and/or market umbrellas. Set-up of any other item is not available.