The wish list feature on our website is a great way to get an idea of inventory options and related costs. However, it does not reserve or place a hold on the items listed nor can it confirm availability. Once you have finished your wish list and requested a quote, an APR team member will contact you within two business days. If your event will take place within one week, please call us at (919) 544-1555 instead of submitting a wish list. This is the fastest way to confirm availability of your requested items.

We will accept reservations for wedding receptions one year prior to your big day. For other large events, it’s a good idea to reserve approximately three to six months in advance of your event date.

When you are ready to place your order, call our office at (919) 544-1555. One of our event specialists will check availability, go over pricing and delivery instructions, and answer any questions or concerns you may have at that time. Reservations require a 50% deposit and a credit card to have on file.

When renting china, glassware, and/or flatware, we ask that you remove any excess debris by rinsing off the equipment prior to returning. You should not wash these items, as some soaps/detergents may damage the equipment. If you rented linens, under no circumstances should you wash or dry them. If linens become wet while in your possession, please allow them to air dry and then place the dirty linens in the teal-colored linen bag(s) provided.

Rentals are delivered clean, sanitized, and ready for use! All dishware, glassware, and flatware arrive in special racks and containers wrapped in plastic bags and sealed for use*. Linens are folded, bagged, and sent with a teal-colored linen bag in which to place your dirty linens after use.

*Helpful hint: When unwrapping the bags for use, rip or cut a slit in the top of the bag. Remove the glassware or china without removing the bag from the rack. When you are ready for clean-up, the bag will catch any food debris or left-over drops of wine when you place the items back in their racks. Trust us – your hardwood floors and car interiors will appreciate it!

In almost all cases, our rental rates are based on a reasonable event period. We recognize that a 24-hour rental window may not make sense if your event occurs over the weekend. We consider Friday to Monday to be the same as a one-day rental. If your event is on a weekday, we will gladly deliver the day before and pick-up the day after your event for a one-day charge.

Upon reserving, we will ask for a 50% deposit as well as a credit card to have on file. We accept all four major cards. If there is a tent on your reservation, the portion of the deposit covering the tent is non-refundable. Payment is due in full prior to delivery. We will charge the card on file the Wednesday prior to delivery.

Of course! We recognize that guest counts are likely to fluctuate as the event date approaches. We encourage you to make a “best guess” estimate when placing your original reservation and make adjustments as you become aware they’re needed. Final changes should be made a minimum of two business days prior to the delivery date. Within one business day of the delivery date, additions are subject to a 15% surcharge, and deletions or cancellations will be charged at full price.

With the exception of a tent rental, you may cancel without penalty up to two business days prior to delivery. Within one business day of the delivery date, cancellations will be charged at full price. Tents and tent-related items require a non-refundable 50% deposit.

Delivery fees start at $90 and are based on distance from our warehouse and difficulty of delivery (multiple levels, elevator access, distance from truck parking to event location, etc.).

No. Customer pick-up is only available to our professional account customers. All other orders must meet a $250 minimum (not including delivery fee).

Delivery schedules are not completed until one business day prior to the delivery date. Unfortunately, late changes to existing orders and other unexpected events such as traffic and bad weather can cause delays or a shuffling of the delivery schedule. You may call our store at any time on the day of delivery and we will make a sincere effort to estimate the time of our arrival.

No, you do not have to be home. However, there must be a secure place for the rental items that is shielded from possible inclement weather and easily accessible to our crew.

Items that require assembly such as tents, stages, dance floors, lounge furniture, and market umbrellas include set-up and tear-down in the rental fee. Set-up of tables and chairs is available for an additional fee of $4.00 per table, $1.00 per plastic folding chair, and $2.00 per wood folding or chiavari chair. Tear down is available at the same rates as set-up. These arrangements must be made prior to delivery, on a case by case basis if time and labor permits. A site plan/drawing must be provided and it is highly encouraged that a representative from the event be on-site for set-up. Set-up of other items is not available.

After hours or Sunday pick-ups can be arranged for an additional fee.

If you opt for our Equipment Protection Plan, most accidental damage will be covered. Otherwise, you will be charged the replacement cost of the damaged or missing items.

Security of the rental equipment is your responsibility! Equipment must be protected from theft and weather-related damage while in your possession!

Unfortunately, no. Once our equipment leaves the warehouse we are not able to rent the items to other customers. Therefore, once the items are in your possession, you must pay for them.

We rent tents for events for which we are providing other equipment. We are happy to discuss your tented event with you, or to recommend other local providers if a tent is the only item you need.