Tender Agreement Definition

Thank you very much! It is worth spending some time watching the presentation of your offer. Here are some tips on how to process and make available your tender: If you are selected for a position in a company, a letter of offer to join the company will be offered to you. But being selected in a company does not mean that you join the same company, you can also have other letters of offer. But if you sign the letter of acceptance (LOA) for work, you are obliged to join the company. So, here is the company`s letter of offer a tender document, and LOA is the contract document. In principle, tender documents and specifications refer to the same set of documents. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the first is the appropriate title for the document before the contract is signed and is used to select a suitable contractor for the execution of the work. While the latter is the appropriate title for documents after the signing of the contract and it is used for the execution of the work. In other words, before the contracts are awarded, the documents issued are designated as tender documents and, after the award of the contract, the documents issued become specifications. If you agree with me, indicate and if you deviate, we have your opinion.

Thank you very much. The tender documents include the list of parts (BOQ), the specifications of the work to be carried out, the schedule for the completion of the work, the contractual conditions, as well as the plans and drawings. These documents shall be made available to the contractor against payment of certain fees. The contractor, who gives the lowest prices for all the works, offers the contract for the execution of the works. It is a post and auction document. This document is in complete agreement. Once the offer is completed, the contractor and the client will enter into an agreement for the project to be concluded within the stipulated time frame with the same specification and working procedure as mentioned in the tender document. If the project is delayed due to the contract, the penalty will cover a few percent of the total cost of the project. This Agreement is documented in the form of a contractual document.