Ridgid Limited Lifetime Service Agreement

I was lucky enough to find a service store and I was able to do my repairs in a day or 6 hours. They should never have done that. It`s actually a violation of the ASA. The agreement applies to a person, not a business. I`m a corporate troll. I used the service for several of their 12V batteries, too in my opinion. The service center told me that I may have a bad tool that made the batteries bad, but when the tool was tested, I was told it was okay. So I made a final exchange for new batteries, then I sold everything. It was online before check-in, but I had receipts and depot service center (in tool rental locations) to do the swap. I think I was unlucky with this sentence, but I stayed away from ridgid for a while. This lifetime service contract is not a guarantee; it does not change or limit the 3-year warranty for limited services with your product and is not intended to create unspoken guarantees or rights of any kind, including merchantABILITY or Fitness for A SPECIAL PURPOSE guarantees.

These unspoken safeguards are not explicitly used. To the extent that they cannot be excluded, they are limited to three years from the date of purchase. One World Technologies, Inc. and RIDGID, Inc. are not responsible for direct, indirect, random or subsequent damage. Some states limit the duration of a tacit warranty and/or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of secondary or consequential damages, so the above restrictions may not apply to you. This agreement gives you certain legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. Rigid`s LSA does not come with the purchase of tools. The instruments are subject to temporary guarantees (1 year, 2 years, etc.). The LSA just REGISTERING your personal information with Starr and then add qualifying products as you buy them within a specified time after each purchase (I believe up to 90 days).

The obligation to register is in no way hidden or deterrent. It shouts rooftops wherever the subject comes in both user groups and rigid official literature.