Rental Agreement Tradutor

It is essential that, in a legal contract, all parties fully understand the terms of the agreement and that the party reading the translated copy interprets nothing other than what the other party has written. If a misunderstanding arises in a dispute, the contracts must be submitted to a court, government or other official body, in which case you will need a certified translation. In the case of a certified translation, responsibility is transferred to the translator, so that he must be held to account in case of misunderstanding because of the language used in the translation. This is a great advantage for the parties to the treaty. What kind of legal contracts can I translate? Score: 152. Exatos: 152. Tempo de resposta: 98 ms. At We Translate On Time, we provide accurate and professional translations of your legal contract as well as official and legal certification, so you are sure that the contract is recognized by the relevant authorities. Expresses frequent curtas: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, corn .

Are you a landlord who has tenants of different nationalities? Or do you need insurance policies that are translated to relocate or travel abroad? If so, you should consider an accurate certified translation to avoid any legal misunderstandings or complications. If the treaty includes international parties or institutions with different official languages, such as. B: If the translated contract is only required for personal use, a default translation is sufficient.