Listing Agreement Of Company

In its management report, the entity will provide information consistent with the accounting standard “Related Party Information.” E. The impact of changes in the composition of the entity during the quarter, including mergers, acquisitions or divestitures of subsidiaries and long-term investments, restructuring and hiring activities, must be indicated. b. to simultaneously inform the exchanges if the proposal for a bonus declaration is communicated to the company`s board of directors as part of the agenda documents. (There is no need to pre-insinuate the stock exchange through the board meeting if the company`s bonus statement is not on the agenda of the board meeting); ii. a certificate from a merchant banker who acts as the director of the issue and declares the company`s positive compliance with the disclosure and investor protection guidelines issued by SEBI. f. When auditors are qualified for the audited accounts of the previous fiscal year that have a significant impact on the profits recorded in those financial statements, the entity must disclose the same with the unaudited quarterly results and explain how those qualifications were taken into account in the unaudited financial results. In addition, the company that refers to the provisions of section 206A of the Corporations Act and Section 27 of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act of 1956, with regard to the provisions of Section 206A of the Securities Contracts Act (Regulation) 1956, offers the investor all the benefits (z.B. bonus shares, rights shares, dividends) that have run in the meantime as a result of this delay.” In the event that the Company does not hand over the documents covered in the trap (d) to the exchange or disapproval of the confirmation card by SEBI, at any time prior to admission to the listing/admission to trading the securities, the securities are not in question for the listing or trading and the company is required to repay the subscription funds to the investors concerned without delay. If the entity has changed its name indicating a new business activity (including software activity) after January 1, 1998 or changes the name below, the entity will separately disclose the revenue and income of these new activities, etc., for a period of three years from the date of the entity`s name change in the annual result. Listing Agreement is the basic document that is exported between the company and the stock exchange when companies are listed on the stock exchange.

The primary purpose of the public listing agreement is to ensure that companies have good corporate governance. The Security Exchange Board of India Scholarship ensures that companies follow good corporate governance. The list agreement includes 54 clauses indicating corporate governance that listed companies must follow, otherwise companies will have to expect disciplinary action, suspensions and cancellations of securities. Companies must also provide certain information and act through the terms of the agreement. Based on our review as noted above, we were not aware of what leads us to believe that the accompanying statement of unaudited financial results, established in accordance with accounting standards and other recognized accounting practices and guidelines, did not disclose the information that must be disclosed in accordance with paragraph 41 of the list agreement, including how it should be disclosed or that it contains substantial information.