Interline Agreement Example

With the advent of low-cost airlines, special internet fares and easy online booking, many air travelers plan their own trips online without the help of a professional. However, this can create difficulties, especially if you are travelling to a destination that requires a connection with two different airlines. While two tickets are easy to book for each flight, some may be surprised upon arrival at the airport if they find that baggage cannot be checked in to the final destination. The two airlines may not have an interline agreement covering baggage transfers. Checking in for your flights can often confuse passengers, as they may not be sure which airline to use to check in. However, the answer is usually the exporting institution. It`s the actual airline you`re going to fly with, not the one you bought with. For example, in the example below in the FAQs, you would check in for both flights with British Airways. The Interline Ticketing Agreement (ITA) table refers to the list of airlines that have entered into an existing ticketing agreement with other airlines. Has QATARI Air entered into an inter-match agreement with VIETNAM Airlines? I am flying the Saigon Business Class error fare soon and I will connect with a separate ticket on VIETNAM. Codeshare agreements focus on flight plans and aircraft sharing. A codeshare customer can buy a ticket for one airline, but travel with another airline if both have agreed to the relationship. Customers who wish to travel with airlines with codeshare agreements have a wider choice of flights, as the ticket can be used interchangeably by both airlines, subject to fare rules and inventory availability.

Because tickets are interchangeable, airlines with codeshare agreements also have an interline agreement. Codeshare agreements usually also offer the accumulation of miles for the bonus program for the customer`s choice program. In the case of a codeshare agreement, two or more airlines use the same flight number in a mutually beneficial agreement. This means that passengers can purchase a flight from an airline using their flight number for a flight with another airline. For example, you can buy a seat on an airplane under one airline, but there will actually be a seat on another airline`s plane with the same flight number or code. Codeshares often take place within alliances such as OneWorld or SkyTeam, but not always. .