Bank Of America Cash Management Agreement

The bank is not responsible for the refusal of a file or image or for any failure to inform you of any refusal. After receiving the file you submitted, the bank can check the file and images to make sure that you have followed the defined procedures. If you have not followed the procedures or if there are errors in the data or images contained in the file, Bank may refuse the entire file at its discretion and not accept it, or Bank may choose to correct the error, accept and process the file (“Corrected File”). As a form of correction, the bank can credit your account with the full amount of the deposit and make any necessary adjustments to correct the error. The bank may also conduct a risk management analysis of the file you have submitted to detect potentially fraudulent items and, at its discretion, refuse the file or image (images). If, after reviewing the file and images, the bank discovers that you have processed and transferred the file in accordance with the procedures, that the file is balanced, and that the images meet the requirements of this Agreement, including the “Scanning items and file transfer” section, the bank will accept the file (“Accepted File”) for deposit into your account. Despite the fact that the bank has accepted the deposit file, any credit to your account is provisional and you remain liable to the bank for errors, inaccuracies, breaches of guarantees and any other loss suffered by a party against the bank or any claim.