Ato Information Sharing Agreements

Tax treaties are also called tax or double taxation treaties. The aim of these agreements is to exchange tax information relevant to the tax administration of the countries concerned with the agreement. We do this to avoid double taxation, fraud and tax evasion. During each use, a “session cookie” is placed temporarily on your device, which is used to maintain browsing information during your visit to the site. These session cookies will be removed from your device at the end of each internet session. If you have a general question about data protection or would like to report an instance in which you feel your privacy has been affected, you can call our data protection hotline on 1300 661 542 and speak to a tax agent. If the official is not available to speak to you, please leave a message and an ATO representative will contact you to answer your question or for further information. The exchange of information is limited to jurisdictions that have reached an agreement with Australia. The exchange depends on the cooperation of their tax authorities to gather information and, in some cases, there may be restrictions in the use of the information and documents they receive.

If you`re an Android user, we`ve given you the ability to connect the ATO app to your personal Google Drive account to make saving myDeductions records quick and simple. We do not have access to the personal data you enter into the myDeductions tool or the personal data you save in your Google Drive account, including your Google user data, but to collect, use, record or share. While the ATO does not access the personal information you enter into the myDeductions tool, if you are ready to file your tax return, you can download my Deductions data to complete your tax return. Australia has a number of bilateral aging agreements with other countries. Here we will find details of the agreements that Australia currently has, including: Here you will find information on international tax treaties for residents and non-residents of Australia.