Aqua Service Level Agreement

Hosting means the provision of electronic and digital equipment for the benefit of websites, computer systems, computer software, data storage and other applications. Hosting may consist, among other things, in the provision of computer processing capabilities, storage space for programs and data, connections between the computer equipment used and the Internet, data transmission, power supply, including backup current, control of the availability and stability of the systems used, etc. Hosting also includes carrying out activities to support the primary service, including the maintenance of hardware, software and other systems, the organization of backups and continuity monitoring, as well as the answer to questions related to the use of hosting services. If Aqualog has not received payment within 5 working days of the due date, Aqualog will contact the customer again to request payment and cancel the actions Aqualog will take if payment has not been received. If Aqualog has not received payment within 5 business days from the due date, Aqualog may take any or any of the following measures until payment, including any interest due, is received: (a) retain all amounts due to you by Aqualog; (b) suspend the use of the Services with respect to overdue charges; and (c) require Aqualog to pay the balance for the minimum duration of the contract, subject to the omission of any of the above measures. .