Here at APR, we like to think of ourselves as one big happy family. Well, most of the time anyway! We recognize we wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing contributions from our staff. The team members highlighted below are those you are likely to email or speak with at some point during your interactions with APR before and after your event.


Cedrika Holliday, Event Specialist

At APR Since: March, 2016

Natalie Bell, Event Specialist

At APR Since: April, 2017


Judy Daymont, Owner

At APR Since: December, 1989

In a nutshell, Judy is the master or queen of all things APR-related. She’s also the resident mother, nurse, and advice-giver. While she doesn’t answer the phone as much as she used to, Judy still loves helping customers make rental decisions that make their event one of a kind. Judy is the primary purchaser of new inventory and spends a significant amount of time behind the scenes tracking down missing equipment, discussing new inventory ideas with vendors and long-time customers, and analyzing existing reservations to make sure everything goes as planned. Judy is trying to spend more time away from the office as she edges closer to retirement. Her interests include church, Duke athletics, sailing, singing, and perhaps most of all, her grandsons Lucas and Oliver.


Chad Daymont, Owner

At APR Since: January, 2010

Chad was six years old when APR opened its doors, and at times it seems like he grew up in the warehouse. Some of his earliest APR memories include peeling the stickers off the back of new plates and breaking his front tooth in half at one of the first annual company Christmas parties. (Word to the wise, do not attempt to balance a hand truck on its wheels when the hand truck is the same height as your face.) Chad’s current responsibilities include bookkeeping, marketing, customer relations, and implementing systems to run the business with more efficiency. He’s also a substitute order puller, delivery driver and order taker. Chad is a certified sports fanatic and spends probably too much time following his beloved Tar Heels, Baltimore Orioles, and Carolina Panthers. He also enjoys playing golf, firing up the grill, and a good run.


Todd Daymont, CERP, Owner

At APR Since: June, 2004

Much like Chad, Todd also has fond memories of the early days at APR. Rather than peeling stickers, though, Todd recalls painting white wood chairs. Todd spends the majority of his time now in the back of the house keeping a keen eye on operations, making strategic decisions that will help us continue to improve, and repairing equipment as needed. In addition to his responsibilities with APR, Todd is also on the board of directors for the American Rental Association (ARA) of North Carolina. Todd earned his Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) designation in 2009. On the weekends (Todd would say, “What weekends?!”) he enjoys listening to live music with his wife Meredith and sons Lucas and Oliver, working on home improvement projects, and the all-too-rare night out on the town with the guys.